Go4Wipe (Touch) Screen cleaner is a high-quality, fast and responsible cleaner specially designed to clean all types of screens, glass and lenses:

- Televisions, LED / OLED (with or without special coating)

- Glass with special AR coating

- smartphones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, tablets

- Computers and monitors, laptops, webcams

- Camera screens and Lenses

- Handheld consoles, e-readers

- Glasses with or without scratch-sensitive coatings

- All types of glasses and mirrors

The special (non-toxic) formula is ammonia-free, fog-free, anti-static, leaves no streaks and easily removes any dirt and fingerprints in no time. Go4Wipe disinfects, removes 99% of the bacteria.

Features: Safe usage for all types of glass and foil screens. Nothing can damage your device screens in this bottle. Cleans quickly and easily with a streak-free result.

- Cleans and disinfects

- Streak-free result

- The product does not run out (No Drip)

- Does not affect the coating (pH-Neutral)

- Contains no harmful substances / abrasives

- Is not harmful to the environment

- is child friendly

- Best tested by professionals in 23 countries

Usage advice:

Use a microfibre cloth. Spray Go4Wipe on cleaning surfaces and clean with a microfibre cloth. Not everything dry? No problem, because of a special formula Go4Wipe will dissipate with a free result.

Go4Wipe is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Moreover, Go4Wipe is very popular with schools because Go4Wipe products are also child-friendly and / or safe.

Go4Wipe, Made in the Netherlands.