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Go4Wipe No-Drip Image Screen Cleaner

(No-Drip stays on your screen longer and prevents liquid from dripping down quickly, ideal for smaller surfaces)

Go4Wipe is specially designed for all types of screens and glass, including scratch-sensitive surfaces and glass with special coatings such as:

  • Televisions, LED/OLED (with or without special coating)
  • Glass with special AR coating
  • Smartphones, iPhones, iPad Pro, iPods, Tablets (Latest generation iPads with anti-reflective coating)
  • Computers and Monitors, Laptops, Webcams
  • Camera Screens and Lenses
  • Handheld consoles, e-readers
  • Glasses with or without scratch-sensitive coatings
  • All types of glasses and mirrors

The special formula is ammonia-free, haze-free, anti-static, does not leave streaks and easily removes any form of dirt and fingerprints in an instant.

Go4Wipe disinfects, removes 99% of bacteria


Safe for all types of screens, glass and foil. This bottle contains nothing that can damage your screens or devices. Cleans quickly, easily and evaporates with a streak-free result.

  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Streak-free result
  • The product does not run (No Drip)
  • Does not affect the coating (pH-Neutral)
  • Contains no harmful substances or abrasives
  • Is not harmful to the environment
  • Is child-friendly and extremely safe to use
  • Tested as best by professionals in 23 countries

Usage advice:

Use a microfiber cloth. Spray Go4Wipe in a small amount on the surfaces to be cleaned and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Not everything dry? No problem, thanks to the special formula, Go4Wipe will evaporate with a streak-free result.

Go4Wipe Regular is suitable for the following applications:

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